Tips & Tricks For Caring for Your Rare Plants


Sansevieria Jaboa, sansevieria Yellowstone & sansevieria sayuri

Light: Low - Medium/bright Light. Sansevieria can adjust to many different lighting conditions and are especially popular because they can survive in minimal lighting situations

Water: Water every 4 - 8 weeks depending on the size of your Sansevieria. They want to dry out completely between waterings. If you notice that your foliage is leggy and drooping that is a sign that it is being overwatered. It is best to underwater than to overwater this plant

Extra tips: Sansevieria prefer to be snug in their pot and root bound. Repotting your Sansevieria annually or even bi-annually is unnecessary


philodendron birkin

Light: Very bright filtered light

Water: Keep moist in the summer but allow for the top inch or two to dry out between waterings. You can check how moist their soil is by inserting your index finger into the soil. They love humidity! Mist regularly

Extra tips: These guys are sensitive to the cold or a cold draft, try to keep away from a drafty window


calathea vittata

Light: Bright filtered light, through a curtain or in a spot where it receives no direct sun rays

Water: Keep moist, but never soggy. Use small amounts of water, frequently to prevent the soil from becoming soggy. They are sensitive so using distilled water is best (or let a glass of tap water sit out over night before pouring onto it's soil)

Extra tips: If you see browning on the tips of the leaves, that can be caused from too much sun hitting their leaves or from too harsh of water


Philodendron Narrow

Light: Bright filtered light, through a curtain or in a spot where it receives no direct sun rays. They can adjust to a moderately lit room but would require slightly less water

Water: They like consistent watering but allow their soil to dry out slightly between waterings. We recommend lifting the pot and feeling how heavy or light the pot is to determine if your plant needs more water

Extra tips: Similar to Calathea's, these are sensitive to tap water. Use distilled water if possible or let your water sit out overnight

Allison Futeral