Top 5 Most Popular Plants & How to Care for Them

We’ve compiled some care tips on our top 5 most popular plants for you! Some varieties within the plant species may vary on care instructions, feel free to email or instagram us for specific care instructions.



Light: Bright filtered light, we recommend rotating them every few weeks so that all the leaves don’t grow toward the one light source.

Water: Allow the top 2-3 “ of the soil to dry between waterings. Keep the soil evenly moist. In the winter you can water slightly less frequently as the plant goes dormant during the winter months.

Extra tips: Alocasia’s love humidity so misting it every once in awhile will do this plant wonders!



Light: Bright filtered light

Water: Pilea’s prefer to dry out about half way between watering. Their soil can be on the drier side but they prefer not to stay dry for multiple days.

Extra tips: If you see a bright yellow leaf pop up or yellow spots on your leaf that means it is getting too much water.



Light: Bright filtered light

Water: Calathea’s like for their soil to be moist but never soggy. They want to be watered whenever the top inch of their soil is dry. They can be sensitive to tap water so we recommend using distilled water or allowing for your tap water to sit out in a glass over night before pouring onto the plant’s soil.

Extra tips: Calathea’s love humidity! Mist your plant frequently or place of tray of wet pebbles beneath it to provide humidity.



Light: Bright filtered light

Water: Anytime the very top of the soil feels dry to the touch your Fern wants water. Ferns always want their soil to be moist but you want to avoid letting your fern sit in water at the bottom of their pot. We recommend watering frequently but being mindful of how much water you are using as you don’t want your plant’s soil to become soggy.

Extra tips: This is another plant that needs humidity to be happy! Mist daily or place on a tray of wet pebbles to provide humidity.



Light: Bright filtered light (can handle morning direct)

Water: Allow the top few inches to dry out between waterings. Be sure to have it planted in well draining soil.

Extra tips: Ficus are very sensitive to any environmental changes, so once you find a spot for it in your home, leave it there to avoid leaf drop.

Allison Futeral