Caring for Your Plants in the Winter Months

Winter is just around the corner and we know keeping you plants happy in the winter months can be challenging. With cooler weather, shorter days, and softer light, plants can struggle. During winter, you’ll likely notice your plants are growing slowly or not at all, maybe even dropping old leaves. Winter is a natural resting period for most plants, so don’t panic! 

We have come up with some tips to keep your plants happy in the winter:  


We recommend watering less frequently then you did in the spring and summer months because their soil is going to need a little extra time to dry out than in the spring or summer. Always check your plants soil before watering to avoid it from becoming soggy. 

If soil isn’t drying out within a reasonable timeline, move your plants to a brighter spot. Yes, you may have to rearrange your plants during the winter. They may not look as cute, but they’ll survive!


Running the heater in your home means dry air and lower humidity.

Some options to provide humidity are investing in a humidifier. You can also put moisture loving plants in trays of water and rocks. Putting plants together can also help increase humidity by making microclimates. You can mist your plants but that is only a short term fix as you likely are not standing there all day with a mister.Your plants will benefit from the mist but it isn’t a perfect solution if you’re running the heater often.

Most plants like to be around 65 - 75 degrees F. Keep an eye on plants near cold windows or hot heaters. Some plants are more tolerant of cold or heat than others, but others may react very poorly quickly!


No need to fertilize your plants in the winter! This is the natural resting period of your plants. Let them do their thing, and wait until brighter light and warmer weather, when you’re plants are more active.


Allison Futeral