“Love it here! Beautiful space, unique plants and sweet staff. Every plant that I have purchased here has been healthy and thriving once I got them home.”

"They really listened to what we were looking for in terms of the look and feel of the flowers.  We had a tight budget and they worked with us to create beautiful flowers that still fit into what we wanted to spend.  They made the trek all the way out to Sacramento (where we were getting married) beforehand to see the site so they could create arrangements that fit with the location."

"When it came to executing the flowers, their work was unbelievable.  It bears mentioning that we gave them pretty much free reign to create whatever they saw fit and what they came up with was just beautiful.  The flowers were unique, the colors were vibrant, and the arrangements were more lovely than we could have ever dreamed of."

"If you're looking for a wedding florist who is talented, affordable, and amazing to work with, look no further! I cannot imagine a more perfect florist than CHR. Lonna and Allison did an unbelievable job with our wedding - and went far beyond the call of duty. Our wedding theme was pretty unusual - think 19th century botanist laboratory - and they NAILED IT. Each tablescape was totally unique, and had artistic and architectural qualities that you'd have to see to believe: pinned butterflies under bell jars, crystals, antique books, antlers, tiny statuettes - the list goes on. The ceremony decor and "ambiance" pieces that they created were the most photographed component of our entire event - it looked like something out of a movie. They worked tirelessly to bring a detailed vision to life for us that was unlike anything our guests had ever seen - who knew that carnivorous plants and antique glassware would pair so beautifully? If you want a florist that will bend over backwards to make your wedding a work of art - look no further. We left many elements totally in their hands (color choices, plant choices, etc.) and could not have been happier. They will blow your mind."

"This is my favorite plant shop in East Bay (and possibly the Bay Area)! The shop is super cute with so many selections for you. I always come in here wanting one thing and leaving the shop wanting to buy everything. The succulents and cacti section is amazing with so many different varieties and colors. The plant selection is so beautiful. You can tell that the workers really care about the plants here as they tend it really well. I almost always feel guilty when I buy a plant because I feel like I'm taking it away from a really amazing home."

"There are also many weird and rare finds in here. The ceramic pieces are beautiful (and a bit pricey) but the quality is so good to be honest. The workers are also really knowledgeable about the plants so feel free to talk and ask questions because they're super helpful to a plant noob like me."